Laboratory equipping

With us you will be able to acquire all the furniture and filtering fume hoods needed to create a modern and safe laboratory. Not only do we supply cabinets, office and social furniture, laboratory refrigerators and freezers, but we also take care of measurements of ventilation efficiency, temperature distribution, electrical protection as well as handle installations. Please feel free to use our online store and choose all the required services.

We provide services in the processes of creation, expansion and modernization of laboratories. Within the framework of cooperation, we offer comprehensive solutions, among others for companies in the medical sector, such as all the renovation services necessary to prepare the laboratory to function properly. Thus, we offer high-quality laboratory furniture and filtering fume hoods (including installation) as well as a full range of laboratory equipment/devices, such as glassware, reagents, etc.

Furnishing of offices, production halls and social rooms:
We offer comprehensive services involving the supply and installation of office and social furniture (equipment of locker rooms (e.g. lockers for clothes), equipment of social rooms, e.g. food cabinets, kitchenettes, etc.). In addition, we offer cabinets for storing tools and chemicals at the workplace.

To add to this, we also offer equipment for individual and collective protection.

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